To provide credible, independent, high quality and cost effective monitoring and evaluation services.


To be a global player in providing high quality monitoring and evaluation service delivery in the carbon development sector.



Contacts/Address/Physical Location

Mariposa Apartments No. 5. Ngong Road, Nairobi.

P.O. Box 34355-00100

Tel. 020-528- 5782 

Mobile. 0721294196/0726841254

Email - info.ecofrontier.co.ke


Eco-frontier is a Kenyan based research/survey firm with expertise in providing credible, independent and cost effective services for household-level projects. We provide project developers working in the energy, water, agriculture and environment sectors with solutions for implementing and monitoring household-level projects cost effectively.

Eco-frontier is one of the leading survey companies, having undertaken and reported numerous full-service projects across Kenya. We offer exceptional expertise at highly competitive pricing so that our clients can maximize on research investments.

Eco-frontiers’ experience includes conducting participatory rural appraisals, undertaking baseline and end line project surveys, undertaking monitoring and evaluation consultancy services across fields such as carbon and renewable energy, environment, agriculture, social and health research.

Our Services

Our firm is specialized in telephone and intercept surveys in general, as well as household or community surveys. Examples of research services we provide include:

         Design of intercept surveys

         Writing of survey instrument

         Pre-test field interviewing

         Training on field interviewing

         Survey management

         Phone interviews

         GPS tracking of survey locations

         Guidance on field research methods

         Data cleaning

         Local language interviews

         Data analysis and report writing


Core Values

Since its inception, Eco-frontier has been governed by its core values. Eco-frontier values integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, continual self-improvement and mutual respect. We are committed to our clients and hold ourselves accountable to our clients, providing innovative solutions and striving for the highest quality.

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