To provide credible, independent, high quality and cost effective monitoring and evaluation services.


To be a global player in providing high quality monitoring and evaluation service delivery in the carbon development sector.



Contacts/Address/Physical Location

Mariposa Apartments No. 5. Ngong Road, Nairobi.

P.O. Box 34355-00100

Tel. 020-528- 5782 

Mobile. 0721294196/0726841254

Email - info.ecofrontier.co.ke


Eco-Frontier Kenya Limited provides specialist monitoring and evaluation services for household level carbon projects with specific expertise on efficient cook stoves, water and off-grid solar interventions.

Our speciality areas include:

1. Monitoring and evaluating improved cook stoves programs
             • Kitchen Performance Testing on improved cookstove
             • Baseline and Feasibility Surveys
             • Monitoring Kitchen Surveys
             • Usage Surveys

2. Providing mobile based tools for real-time data collation
3. Project and fieldwork management and design of operating procedures for project Implementation;
             • GPS assisted carbon asset tracking services
5. Designing and delivering training on project evaluation and participatory fieldwork.
6. Improved cook stove research/development and efficiency testing (WBTs)


Other Services

Our firm is also conducts telephone and intercept surveys in household level and or community surveys.

Examples of research services we provide include:

             • Design of intercept surveys
             • Writing of survey instrument
             • Pre-test field interviewing
             • Training on field interviewing
             • Survey management
             • Phone interviews
             • GPS tracking of survey locations
             • Guidance on field research methods
             • Data cleaning
             • Coding of verbatim
             • Local language interviews
             • Data analysis and report writing

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